Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What is Old?

I believe Scripture teaches that humanly speaking time is nothing else than a gift of God, a precious package of life sent to us by our Heavenly Father, individually gift-wrapped and with our name on it...The last sands are dropping through the hourglass.  What will we do with the time that is left to us?
--- Sherwood Eliott Wirt
"I Don't Know What Old Is, But Old is Older Than Me"

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Something to Ponder

"The characteristic of Christianity lies in the fact that its source, depth, and riches are involved with the knowledge of God's Son.  It matters not how much we know of methods or doctrines or power.  What really matters is the knowledge of the Son of God."
-- Watchman Nee

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


"Christianity hasn't been tired and found wanting -- it has been found difficult and not tried."
-- G.K. Chesterton


"A woman is like a tea bag - you knever know how strong she is until she gets in hot water."
-- Eleanor Roosevelt

Saturday, September 4, 2010


As I mentioned in my blog on "Mice", Lois read a number of quotes from her mother's journals during the eulogy.

Each time she mentioned that she was quoting from a journal it made me think about how much a journal can be a blessing to later generations.  I now regret destroying all my journals during one of my many moves because there are times I wished I could go back and read about things that I had written in the past.

But I cannot sit here and wallow in regrets.  I can start today at doing better at writing in my journal and holding on to each book I write in the future.

So here's to all the today and tomorrow journalling that I will be doing.

Have a happy day writing in your journal.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Today I did the multimedia for the funeral of a lady from our congregation.  I didn't know the woman but I feel that I can minister to the grieving family in this way.

Martha's daughter gave the eulogy.  She interspersed her talk with quotes from Martha's journals.  One of the things Lois read was a poem found in Martha's papers.  The poem was:

Mice - by Rose Fyleman

I think mice are rather nice.
Their tails are long,
Their faces small,
They haven't any chins at all.
Their ears are pink,
Their teeth are white.
They run around the house at night.
They nibble things they shouldn't touch
And no one seems to like them much.
But I think mice are nice.

Why would I care about this poem read as part of a eulogy?  Because back when I was in elementary school in Saskatchewan it was mandatory that the lower grades (1-4) memorize poems and then say them in public speaking contests.

In grade 2 I memorized the poem "Mice" and went on to win a medal in the district public speaking contest for my grade. 
It was my Mom who helped me memorize the poem.

Martha passed away on August 27, 2010.  My Mom passed away on August 30, 2001.  Martha's funeral was held on September 3, 2010.  My Mom's funeral was held on September 4, 2001.  Martha was only 2 years older than my Mom.

After the funeral service was over, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and went to the fellowship hall to find Lois.  I told her about my connection with the poem and about my Mom.  Lois told me she was glad I had told her my story and she was planning on putting it in her journal tonight.

I don't think it was a coincidence that I had been asked to do the multimedia for Martha's funeral and that Lois read that particular poem.  I think it was a God-thing.  I am glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and spoke to Lois.

My Mom didn't know Martha here on earth but maybe they have now met in heaven and may even be talking about the poem "Mice".

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Handling Losses

The last few days have been sad and stressful for me.

On Sunday we had a farewell service for one of our pastors.  Both he and his wife have helped me in so many ways along my journey.  It is very sad to see them leave and make that dreadful move to Calgary.  (Just joking.)  I will miss them a great deal.

May God bless you, Pastor Doug, Roxy, Bradley and Bethany.  May you be a blessing where God has placed you.

Yesterday was the ninth anniversary of my Mom's death.  I spent most of yesterday staying away from interaction with any one.  I needed to be alone in my grief.  I miss my Mom a great deal.  We were very close and I some times feel that she was torn away from me before I was ready to let go of her.  But, I guess, God does not make mistakes.  His timing is always right.

What bothers me most about Mom's death back in 2001 are the facts that Mom did not get to see the weddings of her grandsons and now the births of her great-grandsons and great-granddaughters.

And she wouldn't have seen how far along I have come dealing with my depression and health issues.

Mom would be proud to see how the boys and Allison have grown in maturity, physically, mentally and spiritually.  Her purse would be weighted down with pictures of the kids to show anyone who showed a miniscule interest.

God, please bless Mom in a special way today.  Please let her know that I miss her.  Also let her see her grandsons, granddaughters, great-grandsons and great-daughters.  She would have been so proud.  I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Carpe Diem

Many years ago I was walking in a mall in downtown Edmonton.  I paused at the jewelry kiosk and looked at the rings.  I don't normally wear rings but one ring on display caught my attention.

A short time before this I had read a book by Tony Campolo entitled "Carpe Diem (Seize the Day).

The ring that caught my attention was one that another customer was looking at.  This ring had the words Carpe Diem on it.  The other customer tried the ring on but it was too small.  He asked the sales person if they could size the ring so it would fit him.

The sales person told the other customer that it was a one of a kind ring and it would only be sold in the size and shape it was originally made.  The customer put the ring down and walked away muttering under his breath.

I picked up the ring and put it on my finger.  It fit me perfectly.  I decided that was a sign that I should buy the ring and I did.  I decided that I would seize the day and the opportunity to have that ring.

I don't always wear the ring but I do try to live by the saying on the ring "Seize the day".  I haven't always succeeded in making the best use of each day since I bought that ring but I know that when I do make a conscious effort to do what I believe is the right thing for me to do on any given day that day is a good day.

I just relocated that ring today and I have put it on because I want to make today and the days ahead more productive.

So here's to better and more productive days.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Quote to Ponder

"You can tell you have made God in your image when it turns out He hates the same people you do."
 - Anne Lamott

Friday, August 6, 2010

Another Precious Little Bundle

Today we welcomed another addition to our family.  Lauren Jill Drader was born by C-section at 10:42 a.m.  She weighed in at 3 pounds 13 ounces and was 17 inches long.

Lauren arrived 5 weeks premature.  She had to be born today because her mother's blood pressure was very high and the doctors were unable to get it under control.

Even though Lauren arrived early her lungs are developed enough that she doesn't have breathing issues.  In fact, she just needs to put on more weight to be able to go home.

Lauren is my second great niece.  It will be a little while before I can go to the hospital to see her.  I look forward to that day.

Thank you Lord for the safe arrival of Lauren and for blessing our family with another little girl.  Please help the doctors get Meghan's blood pressure under control and help Lauren put on the weight she needs to go home.

I can hardly wait until I am able to hold Lauren in my arms.

Monday, July 26, 2010


This morning I attended the citizenship ceremony of a friend from church.  I found it an interesting process.

Before the proceedings began the clerk of the court gave us instructions and an idea of what would be happening during the ceremony.  Some of these instructions were of a serious nature - for instance, each of the people taking the oath had to repeat the affirmation clearly.  The clerk of the court even wandered around a bit during this part of the ceremony looking for anyone who wasn't repeating the words after the judge.  If she had found someone, that person would have been held back after the rest of the ceremony and made to go through it again with the judge individually.

One of the things that I found particularly interesting was that the Honorable Judge who presided over the ceremony was herself an immigrant who is now a Canadian citizen.  I did not catch what country the judge was from but she had quite a thick accent.

This citizenship ceremony reminded me that I have gone through a ceremony that covers my citizenship - not of a country on earth but rather as a citizen of heaven where my Heavenly Father awaits my entrance.  On May 30, 1965, I swore allegiance to my Heavenly Father and became a citizen of heaven.

Philippians 3:20 says, "But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ."

During today's citizenship ceremony 15 countries were represented by 35 adults and children.  There are also people from every tribe, tongue and nation who have made the decision to become a citizen of Heaven.  No one who wants to become a citizen of Heaven will be rejected.

So today I celebrate with my friend as she is now a citizen of Canada.  I also celebrate because both my friend and I are also citizens of a much more important and magnificent place - Heaven.

Celebrate your citizenship today.  I hope you are a dual citizen of a country here on earth and more importantly of heaven.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Growing Lawns and Lives

The other day I heard an advertisement about growing a healthy lawn.  The announcer said that a healthy lawn that is well taken care of will choke out any weeds that try to grow there.  Since I have not done any lawn care or mowing since I left home 30 years ago, I am not really up on the dos and don'ts of growing a healthy lawn.

The comment about the healthy lawn choking out the weeds made me think of a parable in the Bible where Jesus talks about the seeds that fall on various types of soil and what happens to those seeds.

But then I took it further and realized that applying similar principles to my life as a follower of Jesus Christ can help me have a healthy spiritual life that can then produce what it was meant to produce.

If I take care to daily watering my spiritual life by reading my Bible, communing with God, and catching weeds quickly, this will help me to become the person God has planned and purposed for me to be.

However there is one caveat.  Reading my Bible and communing with God should not be done because "I have to" do it.  They should be things that I want to do to further my relationship with my Heavenly Father.  These should be times where I love on Him and He pours His love on me.  God is desperate for me to know that He loves me and how much He loves me.  He wants to have a very special relationship with me and I must desire to have a very special relationship with Him.

As these things become more prominent in my life then when difficult times come it is more instinctual that I would draw closer to God instead of turn away from Him.  The main thing is to continually be growing closer to God and even the difficult times will be bearable because I know I can trust God to help me through.

How is your lawn growing?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Precious Bundle

On Saturday, July 17th, 2010, I got to hold a very precious bundle of joy in my arms.  That was the day that Joseph Timothy Drader joined our family.  He weighed in at 6 pounds 12 ounces and stretched out at 20 inches.  I made sure I counted all his fingers and toes - he has the right amount.

Joseph is my fourth great nephew, the first child of my oldest nephew.  Unlike his father who was born in Yellowknife, NWT and whom I wasn't able to see until he was a month old, Joseph was born in Edmonton so I was able to see him and hold him just hours after he arrived.

As I held Joseph in my arms I couldn't help but thank God for his safe arrival and the fact that we had another addition to our family.  There was a time when it seemed like his mother might not be able to carry a baby.

One of the most precious things in my life have been the arrivals of each of my nephews, nieces, great nephews and great niece.  Being able to hold them in my arms, to watching them grow and mature is something that helps to make my life complete.  I look forward to watching Joseph grow and mature and become the special person God has planned for him to be.  Joseph is now a special work in progress.

Thank you God for this new addition to our family.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Allison and Braden

I have been fortunate enough to have my 15 year old niece and 13 year old nephew spend a few days with me.

The three of us spent Monday together watching movies and marveling over the down pours of rain that came on suddenly and stopped just as suddenly.

After supper on Monday night (which I made with my own two hands), Braden got picked up by one of my sisters.  My sister and brother-in-law were planning to take Braden golfing.

So Tuesday saw Allison and I alone.  We slept in because we had been up late the night before watching "Forrest Gump".  In the afternoon Allison and I went shopping which is one of Allison's favorite things to do.  We lucked out at the Dollarama store but otherwise we just window shopped.

After supper on Tuesday my sister brought Braden back to my place and took Allison to her place.

On Wednesday Braden and I spent part of the afternoon building a hideout using tree branches.  We had a fun time.  We found some "treasures" in the area around our hideout.  We also discovered that our hideout provided pretty good shelter from the rain as a brief shower fell while we were working on the hideout.

My sister picked up Braden after supper on Wednesday.  Then she will meet up with Allison's and Braden's mom on Thursday.

So why am I telling you about this?  Because even though at times the weather prevented us from doing some of the things we had planned, we still had a great time together.  It has been quite a while since I have had Allison and Braden visit me and stay overnight.  Although the kids live only 3 hours away and we talk on the phone at least weekly, I don't get to see them as much as I would like to.

Being with Allison and Braden and doing the things they like to do gives me an opportunity to be a hands on aunt like I was with my older nephews.  Ever since my oldest nephew was born I promised myself that I would be as much a part of his life as I could and that continued as each of the boys came along.

I just want to say "Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity you gave me to spend some special time together with Allison and Braden.  I am proud to be their aunt."

Have you hugged a kid today?

Thursday, June 24, 2010


As the FIFA World Cup Soccer championships take place in South Africa this year, I have been keeping a not too serious eye on the games.  However, I have been paying more attention to the reactions of the fans.  I have been amazed at the fanaticism of some fans and even countries about the whole game of soccer.

I have not been a big soccer fan except when my nephews were playing.  Although I did a lot of cheering for the boys, I'm afraid I would be a very poor example of the fandom compared to what the world is seeing on their televisions and hearing on their radios.

This soccer championship has the whole world watching which is amazing.  I think the only thing that would compare to the world wide audience would be the Olympics and then we are talking about a number of different sports disciplines.  But the World Cup concentrates on only one sport - soccer.

What would capture my attention so fully and cause me to become as fanatical as the fans of soccer we see each day on TV.  I should say that I'm that fanatical about being a Christian (or a follower of Christ).  But to be totally honest with you, I'm not there yet.  I don't fly the Christian flag from my balcony.  I don't paint my face with Christian symbols.  I don't wear shirts advertising my church or my Christianity.  Do these things make me a bad Christian?  I don't think so.  I think my Christianity should be shown in the things I do to help my neighbor, sponsoring a child in need, and the poor on the streets of my city, even when doing them is not evident for anyone else to see.

If you are enjoying the FIFA World Cup Soccer I hope your team is doing well.  If you are helping your neighbor, sponsoring a child in need, or contributing to your local food bank, I hope your fanaticism is just as high.

Cheer on!  Cheer on!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Last night I was able to do something that reminded me of how much I enjoy being a part of the lives of my nieces and nephews.  It reminded me that encouraging them in their various pursuits in life is something I can do to help them grow and mature - physically, spiritually, emotionally or mentally, whether they take only a few steps and realize that's not for them, or they dive right in and make it work.  I want to be there on the side lines cheering them on with all I have.

Last night I was given an opportunity to encourage and play cheerleader for my thirteen year old nephew.  Braden is in the process of writing a story/book, including drawing the illustrations.  He read a few paragraphs to me and he got me hooked.  I wanted to find out "what happens next."

The more we talked about this project the more excited I became.  Suddenly it dawned on me that, even if it doesn't go far, I want to help Braden publish his story.  That may mean doing a self-publication of the book by just going to a copy shop and running off a couple dozen copies of the book but this book needs to be in print.

I was able to encourage Braden that I would walk with him through this process and that I'd be the first one to buy a copy of his book.  Who knows where the book might go from there.

I was so pumped when I got off the phone thinking about the possibilities ahead for Braden.  I think he is even more excited about the book and seeing it in print now.  Yes, there is a long ways to go before the book is actually printed but I think both Braden and I have joined together to see this through.

I am excited that Braden shared his dream with me and now I can help him where he needs help and encourage him when he needs encouragement.  I look forward to holding the final product and sharing that special moment with Braden.

Write on Braden!  Write on!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Being Led

This past Sunday at church we sang a song that I have heard and sung numerous times in my life. But this time it was different. The name of the song is "I'd Rather Have Jesus". It is a song that was made famous by George Beverly Shea.

As I sang the song two lines grabbed my attention like I had never seen or heard them before.

"I'd rather be led by His nail pierced hand" comes from the last line of the first verse.

"I'd rather have Jesus and let Him lead" comes from the last line of the third verse.

Why did these two lines grab my attention? I think that one reason is that I have become more interested in allowing Jesus to lead me on the path he has set out for my life. And those two lines were my declaration of my intent to go wherever God leads me.

For me, following the leading of God is going to help me mature and grow into the person God destined me to be.

So today I choose to take the hand of Jesus and go where he leads me, wherever and however he deems best for me.

Be blessed today my friends as you are led by "his nail pierced hand."

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Unexamined Life

This week I have been working my way through a book by Julia Cameron called "The Right to Write."  I have been enjoying the exercises at the end of each chapter.

Last evening as I was reading I came upon a dialogue Julia was having with a friend.  They were talking about being so busy they felt they didn't have time to do the type of writing they needed to put things into perspective.  The friend said that he felt "unexamined" when he couldn't write about his feelings on things he was involved in.

As I read that sentence the phrase "the unexamined life" popped into my mind and struck a particular chord.  I find that there are times when I don't want to examine my thoughts and feelings because I'm just too afraid to go there.  Other times I dig so deep in my examination that I come away feeling raw inside.  But I know that there has to be a happy medium between the two extremes that will be beneficial to my maturity and growth as a person.  I just need to slow down a bit, find that happy medium and go on from there.

I believe that the "unexamined life" is a stunted one where there is little or no real growth or maturity.  I think a "shallow life" is the result of an "unexamined life".

So I am making the choice today to live an "examined life" in a way that will help me become mature and the person I am meant to be in this world.

Are you living an "unexamined life"?  Think about it.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Arrival

Today I am doing the dance of joy as I celebrate the birth of my first great-niece Sara Elizabeth who was born yesterday weighing in at 9 pounds 3 ounces.  In a family that consists of mostly boys, it is exciting to have a girl born into the family.  Sara Elizabeth is the first girl born into our family since my youngest sister was born 48 years ago.  I do have a niece by adoption who is just as much a part of our family as if she had been born into it and I have five nieces by marriage, but Sara has presented a new perspective to our family.

I now have seven nephews (one by adoption), six nieces (one by adoption and five by marriage), three great-nephews and one great-niece.  I also have three more babies due over the next six months.

Regardless of how my nephews, nieces, great-nephews and great-niece have become a part of our family each one of them is special.  I love them all very much.  I enjoy watching them grow and mature and make lives for themselves.

Thank you God for the safe arrival of Sara.  I pray that you would bless her, watch over her and help her to grow up to become the person you have destined for her to be.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No Regrets

In a few days my youngest niece will be turning 15.  Since she became a part of our family (through adoption) I have tried to be there for her as someone, other than her mom, to bounce ideas and thoughts off.

Last week as we talked Allison expressed excitement about attending a Youth Conference (YC).  One of the things she was most excited about was the chance to see friends that live in various parts of Alberta, Canada and the United States.  One of these people was a teenager named Darcy (who lives in California) that Allison had met over the Internet through some other mutual friends.

Allison was questioning whether or not to make an attempt to arrange a meeting in person with Darcy during the weekend at YC.  She was wavering back and forth on the subject.

As we discussed the situation I asked Allison if she didn't attempt to meet up with Darcy during the weekend, would she go home feeling disappointed.  She decided that yes she would be disappointed.  So I gave her some advice that I wished I had been told about when I was a teenager.  I told her to go ahead and take the chance of meeting up with Darcy and if it was something that was supposed to happen it would.

I emphasized that if she didn't make the attempt she would always have that feeling of regret about the situation.  I told her that I had experienced regret over many situations where I didn't step out and take a chance at something that could have been a very positive experience.  I also told her that the times I did step out of my comfort zone and took a chance I was really glad I had done it.

Yesterday Allison told me that things had worked out for her to meet Darcy in person and she was very happy about that.  Of course there was a bit of awkwardness that comes with two teenagers meeting each other for the first time, but she was so glad it had worked out for them to meet.  I told her that it was obviously something that God had wanted to happen since it worked out in a way that neither Allison nor Darcy had really planned.  But it was good that it happened.

I was speaking from experience as I talked to Allison about having regrets.  If I look back over my life I see many times when I chose not to step out of my comfort zone and try something new.  I didn't want Allison to turn 53 (my age) and look back at all the regrets she had from not taking those steps and try something new or different.

As I look back over my life I see that there were times when I did take that step out of my comfort zone and tried something new or different.  Those are times I can look back at with positive feelings and remind myself that taking chances can be very good things that have positively affected my life.

My challenge today and tomorrow is to try to take as many of those steps out of my comfort zone as I can and look at them as positive learning experiences.  Taking those chances can help me grow and mature into the person I am destined to be.

Living with regrets is not an enjoyable life.  So today I choose to stop living with them and move on and take new challenges as they arise.  I may be 53 years old but I can still learn new things and make positive impacts on my life.

I encourage you to stop living a life with regrets and move into a life full of new and exciting challenges and activities.

Be well today.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Smoothing the Edges

Have you ever felt like someone or something was rubbing you the wrong way?  I have and it can feel very uncomfortable.  But if I stop and ponder why I'm feeling uncomfortable or even angry about the rubbing I some times realize that I did have some rough edges that needed smoothing out.

Now I'm not saying that everything or everyone who rubs me wrong is for my good.  Some times that is just a way of discovering that that thing or person was not necessarily good for me.

The point I'm trying to make is that at times like this I'm discovering that the important thing for my growth and maturing is taking the time to decipher whether the rubbing is something good or something bad.

I used to think that all that rubbing was my fault because I had been characterized as a porcupine and some people thought it was their job to take the sharp edge off of my quills.  However, there was a part of me that saw my porcupine quills as a defense mechanism to keep from getting hurt.  I didn't realize that some of the people I was trying to keep away were actually people that I needed in my life to help me become the person I was meant to be and who God meant me to be.

Yes, I do need some of those quills sanded down and smoothed out but I also need some sharp ones to protect myself as well.

As I noted earlier, what I need to keep in the forefront of my heart and mind is whether the rubbing I'm receiving will make my life better or worse.  That isn't always an easy thing to determine but as I make a concerted effort to distinguish between the two early enough I will come out a winner with some smooth edges and some rough edges.

Do you have someone or something rubbing you the wrong way (or is it the right way)?  Think about it.

Be blessed and encouraged as you go about your day.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Plan B

I'm sorry I haven't been around the last few days.  Some times things just come up that you don't expect and throw your plans into disarray.  But isn't that what life is all about.

I read a quote that said, "Life is all about how you handle Plan B".

That sort of sums things up for me over the past week.

Fortunately I've been able to roll with Plan B and not freak out that Plan A didn't happen.  Maybe I am maturing and moving forward.  That is a great thought.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Follow Your Own Path

"Follow your own path and let people talk." (Dante)

In the last couple of days I've realized that I have slipped back into an old and unhealthy pattern in my thinking about myself.  The truth came to me yesterday that I was allowing what other people said or my interpretation of how they saw me to drag me down.  If I dwell on those thoughts I will drive myself crazy.

The truth is that the only people I really have to care about what they are saying or thinking are God and myself.  If I stay true to the path I believe God is guiding me down then I will be on the right track regardless of what others think.  I also have to know that I'm being true to who I believe God is leading me to become.
So today I choose to celebrate who God has and is making me to be and I will be true to myself regardless of what others may think.  I will follow the path God is leading me on and not the path others think I should follow.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Doubts of Today

"The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.  Let us move forward with strong and active faith."  (Franklin D. Roosevelt)

Do you have doubts today?  Doubts about your future.  Doubts about your ability to make it through today without falling apart.  Doubts that you will find love or be loved.

Take your doubts to your heavenly Father.  He won't be angry or upset that you have doubts.  If you bring your doubts to him honestly he will help you deal with them so that you can "move forward with strong and active faith".

One thing you will never have to worry about is that God will stop loving you because you have doubts.  He loves you no matter what.

Be blessed today.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Point to Ponder

"We're not changed by the promises we make to God, but by the promises he makes to us."  (Found in So You Don't Want to Go to Church Anymore by Wayne Jacobsen and Dave Coleman)

This sentence hit me so hard I had to stop reading for a while and just think about what was really being said and how I could and if I should apply it to my life.  This is going to take some time and effort on my part to really make this idea a part of who I am because I believe it is something God wants for me to grab hold of to help me grow spiritually.

May your day be blessed with the fullness of God.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Making Comments on My Blog

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. You are welcome to leave a comment on any of my postings.

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When your computer asks you to type in some funny looking letters (called captchca) it's okay to do.... it's proving to the system that you are a human and not a bot (don't ask, something computer-eze).

Then press the orange 'Publish Your Comment' button. This should work, but if you are having problems, you may e-mail me at

Thanks again for your input. I hope you are blessed and/or encouraged by what you read.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Something to Chew On

I came across this quote from a book I read by Liberty Savard that gave me reason to stop and ponder what she was saying. I hope you are challenged to ponder it as well.

"There is a God we want, and there is a God who is. They are not the same God. The turning point of our lives is when we stop seeking the God we want and start seeking the God who is."
(The Unsurrendered Soul)

May you enjoy seeking the God who is.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

His Workmanship

Many years ago I attended a Bible college in Eston, Saskatchewan. It was a three year program. Each new class was required to come up with a name, Bible verse and song that would be theirs for the next three years.

Our class chose the name "His Workmanship" based on Ephesians 2:10 "For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them." (New International Version) I really wasn't too excited about this name and verse.  I didn't think it was splashy or cool enough (we are talking the 1970s after all).  But the majority had spoken.

It has only been in the last few months that I have gone back to that name and Bible verse and really decided to make it mine. In fact, it was with this verse in mind that I came up with the phrase "I am a Work in Progress".

I have finally realized that God has been working in my life as one of his special projects. You are also a special project of God's if you are his child. He has special things planned for yours and my life if we will let him work in us. Jeremiah 29:11 says,"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." (New International Version)

So I encourage you to look at yourself as a work in progress and see what special things God has for your life. They may not always seem good or pleasant at the time but in the end you can be sure that they are the best for you.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Outside the Lines

I came across a quote that caught my attention today. It went like this....

"Grace does not exist to make us successful. God's grace exists to point people to a love like no other love they have ever known. A love outside the lines." (by Mike Yaconelli in Dangerous Wonder)

From the time we are children we are encouraged to stay within the lines. We are given pictures to color and we are often chastised if we color outside the lines. So we grow up trying to keep within the lines whether we are coloring or trying to live our lives.

In the same way we often grow up with our view of God inside a box of our minds' construction or from teaching we have received. But when you really think about it. If our view and understanding of God can fit in a box then we have a really small and ineffective God because we stumble over it if something happens to show us a picture of God that is outside of our box.

So I think that if I really want to grow and continue to be a work in progress I need to break down the sides of the God box I have created and let God out to be who and what He really is. Then I can also start living my life outside of the lines I thought I need to hide behind.

So I encourage you to take that step outside the lines and live in the freedom God has planned and provided for us from before creation.

I'll see you outside the lines.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Food for Thought

Watch your thoughts - they become words.

Watch your words - they become actions.

Watch your actions - they become habits.

Watch your habits - they become character.

Watch your character - for it becomes you.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Learning From Our Mistakes

Have you ever made a mistake and thought that you were down for the count? I have.

Tonight as I was watching "Criminal Minds" one of the characters was struggling with something that happened to him and he expressed to a colleague that he felt like this struggle would make him a liability rather than an asset. But his colleague looked him in the eye and told him that if he tried, that struggle could in fact be a learning experience that could make him a better profiler because he would have a new outlook on things.

As I heard that I realized that I don't have to let mistakes drag me down. I can use them for good and grow from them. Instead of looking at mistakes and struggles as bad things, I need to look at them as learning experiences and go on from there with strength.

So look at the mistakes or struggles you are having today as a way to grow and mature, not as a thing that holds you back.

It may feel like two steps forward and one step back but that's okay. At least you are moving forward and that is what counts in the end.

Keep moving forward. The next minute, hour, day is coming, learn from them.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Morning Show Murders

Al Roker (of "The Today Show" fame) has found a new calling in life. In his first attempt at fiction writing he has scored. I found "The Morning Show Murders" a fast moving and easy read to be very enjoyable. At times I was hard pressed to put the book down. I hope Mr. Roker will not stop here, but will go on to write more mysteries. There is so much more Chef Billy Blessing has to offer.

I stumbled upon this book by accident and I'm very grateful that I did. Al Roker is no spring chicken and yet he has taken a chance to try something new. I find this very encouraging because there have often been times when I thought of taking a chance at trying something new but didn't because I thought I was too old. I don't know how old Al Roker is but he has reminded me that I'm not too old to try something new. I may not always succeed but the growing process comes from making the attempt.

So I encourage you as I encourage myself, try something new today. You may find a welcome surprise.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Getting Older

This morning as I was getting ready to go to church I noticed something on my head that I think I have been ignoring. What was this novelty? Apparently there are a lot more grey hairs on my head then I had been willing to admit to. As I combed my hair it was looking more salt and peppery than just plain peppery.

Why did I notice the grey hairs more today? I think part of it may be that I turned 53 on Friday. Don't get me wrong. I have known for some time that the grey hairs were coming in, it just didn't register that more grey hairs were replacing the dark hairs that fell out then dark hairs growing back in.

Here's why I am putting this in my "I Am a Work in Progress" blog. I'm okay with all those grey hairs that are coming in. I'm okay with maturing and "getting older". Some of those grey hairs I've worked hard to get by going through times of trials and testing, health and mental issues and spiritual growth and spiritual break downs.

The most important thing in all of this is that I am still moving forward. Some times I slip back a couple of steps but as long as I keep taking more steps forward and catch myself before I slip too far back, I know I am making progress and that's what counts in the long run.

I hope you have a blessed day.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Thank You Brenda

It's a Beautiful Life

Yesteday when I posted my first blogs I forgot to thank Brenda Leyland for all of her help setting up my blog site. Brenda is an old hand at blogging as she has had her own site for a number of years. You can check out Brenda's blog site at the above link. I hope you enjoy visiting her site as I have and continue to do.

Brenda has been a very faithful and wonderful friend to me over the past 25 years. She has been someone that God has used to help me and encourage me on my life's journey.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My First Quad Ride

At the ripe old age of 52 I stepped out of my comfort zone and discovered that I enjoy riding quads with my niece and nephews. I wasn't quite a brave as they were when it came to high speeds but I was able to keep up with them for the most part. I even went over some bumps and got air under my wheels. I look forward to future rides.

Phonetic Punctuation

Victor Borge

If you enjoy musical humor check out Victor Borge on YouTube. He was a master musician and a master at musical comedy. Whenever I see something with Victor Borge I can be assured of a lot of good belly laughs. I hope you will check him out and discover a new way to tickle your funny bone.

A Special Design by the Creator

Welcome to my world. A world of ups and downs, ins and outs.

This my first chapter in my blogging life. I hope you will come back and visit with me as I share my life's journey as a work in progress.