Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Handling Losses

The last few days have been sad and stressful for me.

On Sunday we had a farewell service for one of our pastors.  Both he and his wife have helped me in so many ways along my journey.  It is very sad to see them leave and make that dreadful move to Calgary.  (Just joking.)  I will miss them a great deal.

May God bless you, Pastor Doug, Roxy, Bradley and Bethany.  May you be a blessing where God has placed you.

Yesterday was the ninth anniversary of my Mom's death.  I spent most of yesterday staying away from interaction with any one.  I needed to be alone in my grief.  I miss my Mom a great deal.  We were very close and I some times feel that she was torn away from me before I was ready to let go of her.  But, I guess, God does not make mistakes.  His timing is always right.

What bothers me most about Mom's death back in 2001 are the facts that Mom did not get to see the weddings of her grandsons and now the births of her great-grandsons and great-granddaughters.

And she wouldn't have seen how far along I have come dealing with my depression and health issues.

Mom would be proud to see how the boys and Allison have grown in maturity, physically, mentally and spiritually.  Her purse would be weighted down with pictures of the kids to show anyone who showed a miniscule interest.

God, please bless Mom in a special way today.  Please let her know that I miss her.  Also let her see her grandsons, granddaughters, great-grandsons and great-daughters.  She would have been so proud.  I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!

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  1. Perhaps Father in his lovingkindness does give her more glimpses of the good things happening here than we dream possible............

    Wishing you baskets full of grace and mercy, not to mention stuff that will give your heart renewed joy in the midst.