Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Carpe Diem

Many years ago I was walking in a mall in downtown Edmonton.  I paused at the jewelry kiosk and looked at the rings.  I don't normally wear rings but one ring on display caught my attention.

A short time before this I had read a book by Tony Campolo entitled "Carpe Diem (Seize the Day).

The ring that caught my attention was one that another customer was looking at.  This ring had the words Carpe Diem on it.  The other customer tried the ring on but it was too small.  He asked the sales person if they could size the ring so it would fit him.

The sales person told the other customer that it was a one of a kind ring and it would only be sold in the size and shape it was originally made.  The customer put the ring down and walked away muttering under his breath.

I picked up the ring and put it on my finger.  It fit me perfectly.  I decided that was a sign that I should buy the ring and I did.  I decided that I would seize the day and the opportunity to have that ring.

I don't always wear the ring but I do try to live by the saying on the ring "Seize the day".  I haven't always succeeded in making the best use of each day since I bought that ring but I know that when I do make a conscious effort to do what I believe is the right thing for me to do on any given day that day is a good day.

I just relocated that ring today and I have put it on because I want to make today and the days ahead more productive.

So here's to better and more productive days.


  1. Oh Ruth... what a lovely posting! I've got some office time today as sis-in-law is visiting friends. So I was happy to see your posting pop up!

    As you say, carpe diem!

  2. PS.... and I like your new look. Very nice. It's a comfortable place to visit.