Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Morning Show Murders

Al Roker (of "The Today Show" fame) has found a new calling in life. In his first attempt at fiction writing he has scored. I found "The Morning Show Murders" a fast moving and easy read to be very enjoyable. At times I was hard pressed to put the book down. I hope Mr. Roker will not stop here, but will go on to write more mysteries. There is so much more Chef Billy Blessing has to offer.

I stumbled upon this book by accident and I'm very grateful that I did. Al Roker is no spring chicken and yet he has taken a chance to try something new. I find this very encouraging because there have often been times when I thought of taking a chance at trying something new but didn't because I thought I was too old. I don't know how old Al Roker is but he has reminded me that I'm not too old to try something new. I may not always succeed but the growing process comes from making the attempt.

So I encourage you as I encourage myself, try something new today. You may find a welcome surprise.


  1. So... I'm interested to find out what new thing you tried today!

    I tried a vanilla bean hot chocolate at Second Cup and I took out a book from the library about Twitter and a couple about HTML.

  2. PS. I just noticed the background. Looks good!