Thursday, June 24, 2010


As the FIFA World Cup Soccer championships take place in South Africa this year, I have been keeping a not too serious eye on the games.  However, I have been paying more attention to the reactions of the fans.  I have been amazed at the fanaticism of some fans and even countries about the whole game of soccer.

I have not been a big soccer fan except when my nephews were playing.  Although I did a lot of cheering for the boys, I'm afraid I would be a very poor example of the fandom compared to what the world is seeing on their televisions and hearing on their radios.

This soccer championship has the whole world watching which is amazing.  I think the only thing that would compare to the world wide audience would be the Olympics and then we are talking about a number of different sports disciplines.  But the World Cup concentrates on only one sport - soccer.

What would capture my attention so fully and cause me to become as fanatical as the fans of soccer we see each day on TV.  I should say that I'm that fanatical about being a Christian (or a follower of Christ).  But to be totally honest with you, I'm not there yet.  I don't fly the Christian flag from my balcony.  I don't paint my face with Christian symbols.  I don't wear shirts advertising my church or my Christianity.  Do these things make me a bad Christian?  I don't think so.  I think my Christianity should be shown in the things I do to help my neighbor, sponsoring a child in need, and the poor on the streets of my city, even when doing them is not evident for anyone else to see.

If you are enjoying the FIFA World Cup Soccer I hope your team is doing well.  If you are helping your neighbor, sponsoring a child in need, or contributing to your local food bank, I hope your fanaticism is just as high.

Cheer on!  Cheer on!

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