Sunday, July 25, 2010

Growing Lawns and Lives

The other day I heard an advertisement about growing a healthy lawn.  The announcer said that a healthy lawn that is well taken care of will choke out any weeds that try to grow there.  Since I have not done any lawn care or mowing since I left home 30 years ago, I am not really up on the dos and don'ts of growing a healthy lawn.

The comment about the healthy lawn choking out the weeds made me think of a parable in the Bible where Jesus talks about the seeds that fall on various types of soil and what happens to those seeds.

But then I took it further and realized that applying similar principles to my life as a follower of Jesus Christ can help me have a healthy spiritual life that can then produce what it was meant to produce.

If I take care to daily watering my spiritual life by reading my Bible, communing with God, and catching weeds quickly, this will help me to become the person God has planned and purposed for me to be.

However there is one caveat.  Reading my Bible and communing with God should not be done because "I have to" do it.  They should be things that I want to do to further my relationship with my Heavenly Father.  These should be times where I love on Him and He pours His love on me.  God is desperate for me to know that He loves me and how much He loves me.  He wants to have a very special relationship with me and I must desire to have a very special relationship with Him.

As these things become more prominent in my life then when difficult times come it is more instinctual that I would draw closer to God instead of turn away from Him.  The main thing is to continually be growing closer to God and even the difficult times will be bearable because I know I can trust God to help me through.

How is your lawn growing?

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  1. Enjoyed how you put that together...... a great posting!

    We've got clover in my lawn -- we don't root it out because we have a bunny who comes to munch on it.