Friday, May 20, 2011


This morning I was awakened by a chorus of birds singing.  It was a much better way to be awoken then by my alarm clock.  This spring I have been more cognisant of the birds who have returned to the area where I live.

I have also been more aware of the trees and grass turning green and flowers blooming.  Earlier this month I found some tulips planted at the school where I went to vote.  Two of the plants had already blossomed.

This year I am going to enjoy every nuance of God's beautiful creation to the fullest.

Thank You Abba Father for the wonderful creation you have made and for the ability to enjoy it.


  1. This is so beautiful to hear...... it sounds like the world is coming back into colour for you! Which makes me very happy!

    Love how you put it... to enjoy every nuance of God's beautiful creation to the fullest...

    That's it exactly!

  2. I open the door to my den in the morning when I read my Bible, so I can hear the birds singing. This morning there was a lovely luna moth asleep on the screen, facing inside so we could behold his bright yellow-green belly. Praise the Lord for His wonders!

    Thanks for visiting my blog today; I'm so happy my prayer touched your heart.