Monday, November 21, 2011

The Butterfly Effect

"With a little perspective," Jones said one day, "you can live a life of permanent purpose."

When I asked what he meant, the old man answered with a question.  "Do you sometimes find yourself unconsciously judging your actions by level of importance?"  I frowned a bit, not certain I understood.  "For instance," he continued, "the time you spend with friends is important, but the time you spend with family, is more important.  You might rank an hour fishing as very important, thirty minutes visiting a sick friend in the hospital much more important than the fishing, and a sixty second conversation with a convenience store clerk as not very important at all."

I nodded my understanding and he returned to his initial point.  "When you know that everything matters -- that every move counts as much as any other -- you will begin living a life of permanent purpose.  A life of permanent purpose will make you a better parent, a better spouse and a more valuable friend.  Your productivity and financial success will soar to new heights while the old days of uncertainty, doubt, and depression fade into the past."

(from The Butterfly Effect by Andy Andrews)


  1. It comes down to living in the moment... and each moment has eternal potential in it.

    Thanks for sharing that.... Wow!

  2. A life of permanent purpose. I like that!